Easy Ways to Fix a Dead Android Phone

As sophisticated as any smartphone you have remains the same in the future there will be damage. But at least you have a smartphone that is better than others, has super cool features, and can play games freely.

Before making sure that your Android hardware is damaged, you should first check if it’s really damaged or not. It’s possible that only part of the system is crashing. Here are some ways to fix an Android phone that won’t turn on.

1. Charger First For a Few Minutes

Sometimes someone forgets that what makes Android die is not because of its damaged hardware but because the battery is running out. If you plug it in directly it’s possible that the battery icon hasn’t appeared yet. Experience from me personally I will charger but did not enter, not not not entered but did not enter.

At that time I waited for 10-15 minutes and then the Android battery started charging. This often confuses smartphone users because it takes a long time to plug the current into the battery. When it is charged, try to press the power button to turn it back on. If this doesn’t work, try with the second trick.

2. Remove the Smartphone Battery

Smartphones can be turned on but have problems with System Boot such as Continuous Booting or Bootloap so you can unplug your Android battery. Unplug the battery and let stand for a while so that no power goes into Android. Then reinstall it and try to activate it, hopefully it will not boot again.

For smartphones whose batteries are not removable (Integrated with the phone) then there are other ways you can do. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds (20-30 seconds) then android will turn off. This way the resource is usually truncated. Removing this battery is one way to fix an Android phone that can’t turn on.

3. Black Screen

The black screen is a pretty serious problem, it generally has to flash on Android. It is possible that you have replaced the Android ROM or maybe you have just updated the system manually so that it does not make the smartphone better but instead makes the smartphone crash. There are 2 possibilities about the problem you are facing. First, Soft brick and second, Hard brick.

Soft brick : Can still turn on but stuck on the boot screen / do not want to boot (respond when on charge). This type of brick still has a chance to be repaired by itself without having to be taken to the HH service center in question.
Hard brick: Mobile phone does not respond when charged and does not appear battery indicator and does not want to turn on / Off Total. Brick type Hard brick is widely repaired and brought to the service center.

If you are confused about this problem, you should just take it to the service center so that it can be repaired by people who are experts in their field.

4. Perform a Factory Reset

If your smartphone has only problems with booting or only errors in certain applications. It’s best to try to do factory research first. You may not be able to do factory research because Android can’t get into the app drawer.

The solution is quite easy, you can do #Factory Reset via Recovery Mode. Press the Power + Volume Up buttons at the same time until you enter the menu – your Android system menu. Next you can find the factory reset option that is on the display. Use the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Button key combinations to pan or select visible menus.

Before performing a factory reset, make sure all the data in Micro SD has been backed up on your computer or Laptop.

5. Broken Android Smartphone

If the above method does not work at all, there may be problems in the Hardware section. It’s possible that your hardware has an error or needs to be replaced. If your smartphone is still under warranty then you can take advantage of the warranty claim. Whereas if the warranty period runs out then you have to bring it to the service center to be repaired and you have to pay.

That’s 5 ways to fix an android phone that can’t turn on that should be tried before making sure your phone is damaged and requires special service. Hopefully useful.

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